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February , 16th 2024 | Mariele Oliveira | Calculation, Soil, Slope stability
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is crucial for assessing slope stability, offering advantages such as the ability to model failure surfaces without pre-assumptions and monitor progressive failure.
However, challenges such as computational demands and difficulties in assessing soil stress-strain characteristics hinder its widespread adoption, making it essential to understand and consider the strengths and limitations of both FEA and traditional methods in slope stability studies. Continue reading...
November , 2th 2023 | Prontubeam | Calculation, Non-linear, Deep beam
This article provides a comprehensive comparison of deep beam calculations, highlighting the pivotal differences between linear and non-linear models. It underscores the significance of factoring in non-linear concrete properties and reinforcement laws in structural design.
The study's key takeaway is that reinforcement design for deep beams varies substantially based on the approach used, with the linear model necessitating reinforcement concentration at the base. In contrast, the non-linear model allows for a more evenly distributed reinforcement, contingent upon reinforcement ductility. Continue reading...
September , 5th 2023 | Prontubeam | Structures, Bending moment, Effective span
When doing a hand-made calculation of a structure or when modelling it in a finite element program, it is needed to do some modelling assumptions. For example, it is quite common to model the structure at the neutral axis.
In this article it will be summarised the EC-2 requirements/recommendations for span modelling and bending moment calculation. It will also be compared against hand-made calculations and non-linear ones. Continue reading...
April , 10th 2023 | Ignacio SERRANO LÓPEZ | Geotechnics, Earth Pressure, Rankine
There were many authors who got involved into the mess of calculating the Earth Pressure, but in this post, we are going to explain only the Rankine's theory. Hope it's useful.
In this article it is presented both, the active and the passive earth pressure formulas using the Rankine's theory. Continue reading...
January , 30th 2024 | Prontubeam | Calculation, Concrete, Corbels
Basically, corbels are a special type of cantilever beams, connected to columns. In this article, we will give some comments and recommendations regarding corbels, in a simplified way, presenting expressions to obtain the dimensions that they should have in our design, and the amount and tentative reinforcement arrangement that should be placed.
This article studies in detail the corbels, their use in engineering and the way they should be analyzed and designed. Continue reading...
September , 15th 2023 | Prontubeam | Structures, Concrete, Creep coefficient
When concrete is acted upon by constant sustained stress, the creep strain of concrete develops over time. There are a variety of reasons, which are discussed in the paper, that cause an increase in the creep coefficient (φ) and creep factor (φ+1).
The study is based on AS 3600:2018 ("Australian Standard for the Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures"). Continue reading...
August , 28th 2023 | Prontubeam | Structures, Deep beam, Reinforcement
As it is well known, the deep beam stress distribution does not follow the classical beam plane stress state. The smaller the ratio span/height is the more different is the stress distribution compared with a beam. For this reason, it is always suggested to study the deep beams using a strut and tie model.
The aim of this article is to compare the hand-made proposed strut and tie model for a deep beam against a full non-linear calculation. In particular, it will be focussed on the main lower tie. Continue reading...
April , 10th 2023 | Prontubeam | Structures, Punching, Reinforcement
After reading various articles of punching failure, all of them seem to agree that Eurocode 2 is not very clear on the calculation of punching reinforcement. In addition, during my professional life, I have realized that this calculation creates certain doubts.
The objective of this article is to discuss and understand the EC-2, to remember certain rules and to open a debate on the subject. Continue reading...
Showing 8 articles out of 36
Showing page 1 out of 5
Pages: 1 2, 3, 4, 5,
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