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Decembre , 12th 2019 | Prontubeam | Structures, Eartquake, FEM calculation
In our article, “Structures under earthquake effects-Calculation example”, Prontubeam did a hand-made calculation of a simplified two level storey structure under earthquake. At the end of the article we wondered if the simplified model used in that example would lead to the same results as a more accurate one using FEM.
We decided to do an accurate model and study/compare the results. Continue reading...
July , 24th 2019 | Michał Szulewski | Structures, Buckling, FEM
In my previous publication #1 #1 I was checking correlation between hand calculations, FEA and experiment results of static beam deflection. This time I wanted to check something more demanding – buckling.
I kept my standard of experiments, it means: an analytical solution, a numerical solution FEA, and experiment and a comparison. The goal of this study was to verify possibility of buckling of a solid rod with Euler linear theory usage. Continue reading...
May , 18th 2019 | Michał Szulewski | Structures, Deflection, FEM
Few weeks ago I participated in Midas MeshFree software demonstration. It isn't another classic FEM tool, but something fresh on simulation market. This software doesn't require creating mesh on CAD file. Sounds interesting, isn't it?
I decided to check it by making some comparison with classic FEM tool Code_Aster and by making some experiment. Continue reading...
April , 8th 2019 | Hasan Shirazi PE | Concrete, Testing, Non-destructrive
Non Destructive Testing (NDT) involves such testing procedures which do not damage the structure in any way.
These tests can be carried out to evaluate condition of concrete and steel, or to determine the size of members or spacing, location and cover of steel bars and other utility lines etc. Continue reading...
September , 8th 2019 | Felipe Cava | Engineering, Roads, Desing
For a long time, the charts developed through the AASHO Road Test, and something still in force in Brazil through DNER method (1981), led us to a brief and hasty conclusion that pavement structures are easy to design.
From basic physics we know tire inflation pressure is the ratio between the load carried and the area of load distribution. It is precisely in these small issues that the difficulty of accurately designing a pavement begins. Continue reading...
July , 11th 2019 | Prontubeam | Dynamic calculation, Earthquake, Building
The best way to understand how to calculate a structure under the effects of an earthquake is to do it for a real particular case.
In this article we will study the effect of a horizontal earthquake on a two storey building. Continue reading...
May , 12th 2019 | Prontubeam | Structures, Strut and tie model, Section change D region
Is this article it is proposed the possible strut and tie models for a beam section thickness change under different types of efforts. This is a zone of discontinuity, it is a D region.
The following load cases will be studied in this article for the D region of a beam thickness change: - Positive moment - Negative moment - Positive moment + Shear - Negative moment + Shear Continue reading...
January , 28th 2019 | Hasan Shirazi PE | Concrete, Cracks, Remedies
There are various type of cracks which can develop in a concrete structure. These can be superficial or critical to the integrity of the structure and can have various causes, and accordingly various remedies.
Determining what crack width is acceptable and when cracks become problematic is a subjective topic with no clear cut and precise answer. However, following criteria can be used as a guideline for cracks appearing in a structure after being in service for a long time. Continue reading...
Showing 8 articles out of 22
Showing page 1 out of 3
Pages: 1 2, 3,
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